Thursday, September 21, 2006

architectural Definitions

a) Architecture is the representation of social institutions through the medium of built form.

b) Architecture is a similarity of form between a large number of buildings irrespective of their function.

c) Architecture is the historically-derived information which is used to characterize the form of material objects called buildings for particular times and places.

d) Architecture is a general language of form from which architects select and combine for particular institutional contexts.

e) Architecture is an autonomous, self-regulating, self -organizing system having its own medium of expression and formative rules.

f) Architecture is one cultural system amongst the collection of other cultural systems which make up a society.

g) Architecture is the exchange of experience between architects which produces a set of ‘essential’ forms (a style) drawn from a mass of actual work.

h) Architecture is the making of Place.

i) Architecture is Buildings - physically at least

j) Architecture is not Buildings. It is a relationship of similarity betwen many buildings. In other words, it is information.

k) Architecture is 'Frozen Music'.

….and there we are into a different area. See my previous post on Frozen Music on this blog.

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